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Random Muses

There is no rationale for these posts, except they are my thoughts and opinions that come to my mind. I don’t expect the reader to agree with my views – in fact, I would appreciate a respectful debate. I am always open to learn what other people think, and maybe my opinion will change and agree with yours.

I am a firm believer that educating others as to why you think you do is the beginning of understanding each other.

Sustained By Faith

It’s been three months now since the passing of Dan. I can’t say it has gotten easier without him – life just is – I’m moving forward as I should – my faith sustains me and has only grown stronger – I have learned to put boundaries where I need to put them – I … Continue reading

Rising Cairn

The Weight You Carry

It is four weeks to the day that Dan had his fatal accident. A month since he forever left this world – my world. The sadness is still overwhelming at times. There are times I can think and speak about moving forward – and then there are times I stumble, and again, my heart is … Continue reading

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