Happenings in Christine's World

Short stories of life, thoughts, and feelings

Random Muses

There is no rationale for these posts, except they are my thoughts and opinions that come to my mind. I don’t expect the reader to agree with my views – in fact, I would appreciate a respectful debate. I am always open to learn what other people think, and maybe my opinion will change and agree with yours.

I am a firm believer that educating others as to why you think you do is the beginning of understanding each other.

Seasons of Strength

I smile at how vivid the memory is, down to how he dressed. Who would have thought at the time how priceless the memory would be?

Beyond the Window of Pain

I have begun writing and publishing again. The latest piece is on the Boslers and their adventures in the Midwest, and the article is scheduled to be published in the October/November Cumberland County Historical Society’s Journal.

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