Happenings in Christine's World

Short stories of life, thoughts, and feelings

Christine’s Photography

Christine uses a Canon T3i and currently does little editing (if any) to her photos. Samples of photos from Wandering Photographer

IMG_3937 _MG_3711 IMG_3862 IMG_3860 following the reflecting stream to the lake Fallen leaves in water Colonel Denning State Park autumn colors along the waters edge _MG_5572 _MG_5543 _MG_5540 IMG010_edited-1 CreekMG_6532_edited-4 _MG_1408_edited-1 cropped-mg_9769.jpg

_MG_8939_edited-1 _MG_8958 _MG_8966 _MG_9007 _MG_9016 _MG_9016_edited-1

Christine’s photos can be purchased in postcard to canvas format. Please email her at contact@thewanderingpen.net for pricing.

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