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Nancy Griffie and Laura Brown: Advocates for Silver Spring Township Resident

I’ve lived in Silver Spring Township over thirty years and have regularly attended the Silver Spring Township Board of Supervisor meetings and the Township’s Comprehensive Plan meetings. I have observed Nancy Griffie in action, which is a lifelong resident of Silver Spring Township and former schoolteacher. She cares about the people and the community in which she serves.

During Township meetings, I have observed how attentive Nancy is when a constituent shares a personal concern about the area in which they live. If Nancy needs a better understanding of the issue, she will ask the speaker questions. She then tries to resolve the issue in a way that benefits the constituent.

Nancy questions agenda items if she needs a better description as to what she is voting for or she will state she is not comfortable with an item as presented and then explains why.

I have not always seen eye to eye with Nancy – but I respect her, and I know that she will always give an honest answer and when she’s wrong, she admits it. Over the years, there have been tough decisions the Board of Supervisors had to make. Some of those decisions were not easy to make, but according to township ordinances and zoning, the Supervisors had to make the decisions. They are currently in the process of updating ordinances to represent the Township better.

Often residents don’t attend township meetings unless something is happening that affects them personally. This is unfortunate because then they don’t see how Nancy and the other supervisors operate regularly. Then when it comes to election time, such as now, they hear rumors and take advice from others and base their voting decision on those rumors and others’ advice. Isn’t it best to get your own impression of a person in regular action and not just attend a meeting one or two times a year and base your opinion on one or two events? Being in a position where you regularly receive insults and negative feedback from constituents is not easy. Nancy has sat at the table with her co-representatives, and she has taken the “slap” with dignity. She did not argue. She listened and attempted to resolve the issue in some way – either with a compromise or in favor of the person with the complaint. Nancy leads with compassion. She listens, and then she speaks. Nancy Griffie deserves to be reelected for Silver Spring Township Supervisor. She deserves to finish the job of cleaning up the poor planning decisions of past supervisors. Please reelect Nancy Griffie on May 21st.

Laura Brown has been involved with land preservation in Silver Spring Township for several years. Before her involvement, she regularly attended Township meetings – often sitting in the second row on the right-hand side. Laura is not against development, but she does advocate for smart planning and the need for open space. Laura is the type of person who weighs out the pros and cons when it comes to decisions. She listens to all sides of the story. Once she is fully informed, and without questions, she makes her decision based on what she feels is best for all involved. Like Nancy Griffie, she is honest, and when she is wrong, she admits it. I have seen Laura question the Township Supervisors decisions on the acceptance of development plans. She’s not afraid to voice her opinion. Like Nancy, she is fair, and most importantly, she listens. Laura deserves the opportunity to be part of the decision making for Silver Spring Township. She knows what it is like to have a proposed development literally in her backyard where there is now woods and wildlife. Please vote for Laura Brown on May 21st. She will be the voice of her constituents.

Christine Musser
Silver Spring Township