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Rainy Days

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I have always loved rainy days. And today is one of them. It was a beautiful weekend filled with sunshine and the laughter of my grandbabies, so, today’s rain causes me to take pause and remember how fortunate I am to have the things in my life that I do.

My lilacs will soon be blooming and I can’t wait for their scent to fill the air. Then the honeysuckle that covers my fence will be in bloom.

Events within the past months, which include the downturn of my sister’s health and my own health issues from stress, have caused me to reevaluate the good things I have in my life and to focus on the positive. I am very fortunate to have my family, my friends, and the fulfillment of my dreams.

Many times I have felt my life has been empty, when in reality it was not. I just couldn’t see what I had going for me. I appreciate the values I learned from my parents and the fact that no matter what the issues may be within a family they are always overlooked in a time of need.

I am thankful for the value of friendship and what it means to have friends during the good times and bad. I hope I give back to my friends as much as they have given me.

So, on this very rainy day, I leave you with this poem ~

A Spring Rain

by Raymond A. Foss

The world is wet today

luxurious, damp, drenched

drops hug the leaves,

anoint the still budded lilac blossoms

before their blooming

rich purple and plum

made richer by their watery skin

New leaves under the weight

droplets heavy, hanging

bowing the white pine needles

undersides exposed to drink

drink in the morning

hushed in the rain

temperature near the dewpoint

sprouts of just planted flowers

eager from the parched soil

new puddles bloom too

on the ground, the driveway

collect and gather

without the smell of summer rain yet

tears splash and spread

silent shimmers, heralds, messengers

in the spring rain

One thought on “Rainy Days

  1. I don't like the sound of all those lists he's making – it's like intriguing too multitudinous notes at school; you sensible of you've achieved something when you haven't.


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