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Dad Turned 80 Today

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It’s hard to believe that my dad is 80 years old today. I remember when he was in he was 40 and had lots of energy, today it doesn’t take him long to be tired. He can’t do the things he use to do or as fast as he once did.

A few years back he took upon himself to rebuild a 1956 Massey-Harris tractor. He spent long days at my older brother’s farm in the shed putting each piece of the tractor where it needed to go in order for it to run the way its supposed to. Once it was the inner workings were rebuilt, he meticulously washed and repainted each piece. The tractor became his pride and joy.

Rebuilding a tractor or working on my brother’s farm is an escape for dad. As a boy he knew farming, working with this father and brothers in the field and milking cows. So, when he chose farming as a career it was no surprise.

This past Monday I sat with dad in the sunroom in the back of his house listening to his story of growing up on the farm and how he came to own the farm I grew up on with four other siblings.

The stories I’ve learned from both my parents about their life before I existed are priceless and the moments I’ve set with both my parents as they told of their life before kids I will pass down to my children and grandchildren.

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