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Winter Cold with Snow is Ideal for Me

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Guess you could say I’m spoiled or some might say I’m crazy, but I have longed for the winters of my youth. Living in Pennsylvania I have learned to appreciate the seasons and yes, even winter!

The first winter storm of the season dumped 27+ inches from Philadelphia to New England and totally missed the Harrisburg area. I was disappointed. The Midwest has received large amounts of snow daily and even Atlanta, Georgia got pounded with snow while missing Harrisburg. I was beginning to feel left-out and disappointed because in my opinion there is no need for the freezing cold without snow. When, finally, reports came across the local news saying our area was going to get some snow I was thrilled.

I still remember the snow storms from growing up on the farm. Large snow drifts separated the barn from the house. My younger brother and I played king of the mountain on top of the frozen over drift. We pretended to build an igloo with a front entrance facing the house and the back entrance facing the barn.

I remember when snowstorms really snowed you in. It was a time before grocery stores were located every five miles apart. It was necessary then to go to the market and stock up on the necessities like bread, milk, and eggs.

It was a time of making homemade ice cream. You know, getting the old ice cream freezer with the manual hand crank. Mom would mix milk, vanilla, sugar, eggs and whatever other ingredients the recipe called for.  She would then pour the mix into the stainless steel cylinder and place it in the center of the wooden bucket. On the outside, snow and melting salts would be alternated around the cylinder. The ice cream mix would begin to freeze as the manual hand crank was turned. I remember getting brain freezes from eating the ice cream so fast.

Yep, it’s the memories from my youth that lights my desire for snow during the winter months. Just once in a while I want to relive those memories.

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