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September Love

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Today is the first day of September. This is the month that rolls in autumn; days can be hot with lots of humidity or cool enough to require the wearing of a light sweater. I love this month and the season it brings forth. To me there is no other time that is more beautiful than the month of September.

Many people have shared with me the sadness they feel as days turn to September. They tell me they love fall, but not the cold wintry air. I understand that, but I love the seasons and love watching them change, but if there is one season and one month I would like to last it is September and the autumn.

I love when the air turns cool and the leaves turn golden, maroon, and brown. I love finding a prefect maple leaf that has fallen to the ground, it reminds me of Vermont.

September is filled with good memories for me starting with the start of school. It was a month of new beginnings, the start of a new journey. When I think back to my school days I can still hear the ringing of bells telling us that school has begun. We shuffle off to our homerooms promising friends we will finish the conversation later. When I think of September, I am reminded of yellow school buses lined up outside the school waiting to take students to their homes.

September, I love September – how it sounds and what it means to me – new beginnings; new journey.

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