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October Air

I’ve always loved the autumn season. I love the low 70s temperatures and the 40s or lower temperatures in the evening. I love watching the leaves slowly changing from green to auburn, gold, yellow, burgundy, and brown and on light airy days, the loose leaves slowly swirl their way to the ground.

I enjoy watching the harvesting of corn and soybean. Have you ever smelled a corn stalk after its cob has been picked from it or consciously feel the dry rough corn stalk? Growing up on the farm, I’ve done these things and at the time it didn’t mean anything to me, it’s funny now that I think of it.

I love seeing the pumpkins lined up on porches and sitting atop fences. This too, is the time of year I love watching scary movies. I prefer the old black and white classics such as, The Thirteen Ghosts (be careful if you have a canopy bed), anything Vincent Price, and Alfred Hitchcock.

But, I don’t mind watching some of the newer films as well (newer meaning starting in the 70s). Some of them are The Dark Secret of Harvest home, Halloween, Children of the Corn, Trilogy of Terror, and The Tommyknockers to name a few.