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Always Look for the Rainbow

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It’s been almost a week since the first day of summer and before we get too far into it I want to write about the wonderful spring we’ve had here in south central PA and where I’m at today. This past winter didn’t bring us much snow, but we had a fair amount of rain in April and early May which helped to make everything lush and green. I can’t remember the last time the area has been so beautiful and spring so delightful. This spring has certainly made it easy for me to appreciate the vastness of God’s blessing

Amongst all the goodness this spring has brought me there have definitely been some challenges as well not related to mother nature. Without going into much detail regarding those challenges I just want to say that with each hurdle I was determined to look for the positive and to remain focused on the end result. Over the years I learned how much negativity sucks energy and is non-productive. Since I was layed off from my day job last summer I vowed to be positive and to fight any force of negativity. I vowed to find the good, the best in everything. It hasn’t always been easy and I still have my moments where I feel like giving up, however, by being able to enjoy the wondrous blessings of nature and its simplicity I’ve been able to deal with difficulties.

Through the difficulties I am reminded often of my years growing up on a farm and how when I had challenges I would take walks along the fence row until I got to the meadow where I enjoyed the seeing the milkweeds and the cat-of-nine tails that grew in the stream. I remember walking through the fields of clover trying not to step on bumble bees as they flew from one purple clover flower to another. So, today as an adult returning to nature as my healer or therapist is only natural.

One thing I’ve been doing a lot of this spring is capturing nature through photography in various forms . At first my reason for taking the photos were so I could preserve moments of my life since I didn’t have the time to write, but now capturing the moments in nature has because more about the beauty and appreciating the simple things in life.

Having material things have never been a top priority with me. For me it’s been more about the needs of people, particularly family and friends. At 15 I lost my brother and that had a major impact on my life and how I see things now. I remember my roots and the roots of my ancestors. I know that nothing is guaranteed in life.  I have asked myself, if I were to lose all things material how would I handle that? And my answer s this this – as long as I have family, friends, and good memories than I have more than money can buy.

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One thought on “Always Look for the Rainbow

  1. As the heavy rain falls the sound is soft and relaxing. The sound is hipnotic making for a lazy,sleepy mood. Gives one time to reflec.t
    Day to day can be hard and rainy. A storm persay. The inner drive of a person is brought to the surface. A person may be driven down by others around them.
    How do you and your inner drive handle each challenge? Do you as a person allow others to distroy you? Do you straighten up,brush off the dust,look in the mirror and into your eye's and see your inner drive?
    Take your drive. Grow from it. Make the person you are stronger with self will and driven to be the best that you as a person can be.
    As the storm passes by and the wind calms down,the rain slows and stops,the clouds part and sun returns,take a deep breath,smell the clean air and let your Joy shine through! The smile of a Joyful inner spirit will shine;)


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